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German quality work – award winning design and traditional craftsmanship

The Bergmann Metallbau GbR website truly is an experience – one of the reasons why it was decorated with various awards.

The metal construction company came up with a really special idea for their website. They created a real life factory tour for their website visitors. Based on the Dynamatic 3D Engine, the extensive Flash presentation is something new. It combines a presentation and a website, replacing the later by the former – in other words the whole website content is given interactively inside a presentation.

The presentation is grouped into five different sections: Company profile, shop, products, history and contact. By moving the mouse left and right the user can navigate through the different sections. This creates an exciting, interactive factory walk through.

The shop section is subdivided in several assembly sequences, e.g. the welding shop or the forge. The company workers were filmed using green screen technique and then integrated into the flash animation. This guarantees a more realistic feeling for the several sequences.

Additionally you can click on each worker to watch a detailed video about a certain working process.

The history section leads the visitor, or let’s rather say the “viewer”, through a time bar where he gets to see the company’s development from its beginning to the present.

The only thing the visitors might have to get used to is the rather unusual navigation, but when it comes to interactivity this website clearly raises the bar.

(source: Bergmann Metallbau GbR)

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