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Explore your city on the web

It’s Friday night and you and your friends want to go out, but like so many times before you don’t know what to do and where to go. What you need right now is a website that updates you with the latest clubs, restaurants and events in your city.

That’s what is all about. This website specializes in informing you about your city’s nightlife and the best locations for the right occasions. It’s design is very entertaining and looks like a big city at night. All of a sudden there is this young girl walking by who almost oversees you as she seems to come from a big shopping tour which she could only afford after taking part in the website’s own lottery, according to her own statement. She explains the website and advices you to select a city.

Once you have done that you can choose between various categories like nightlife, business support, restaurants, entertainment or beauty and fashion. Each link is an opportunity for companies to place their ad as a flash video right into the respective window.

Despite of the nice and unique presentation the website does not offer as much as you might have expected. So far you can only choose between four different cities between Mexico and Arizona and even their information pages are rather blank. Instead of showing you the latest night club, you are told that your company’s advertisement could be placed here at any time.

The idea behind such a website is good, it’s design is unique and entertaining, but the realization so far leaves a lot to be desired.

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