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Embedded video for your website

Having a creative and clearly arranged website design is nothing impossible anymore these days. Various new design agencies appear on the scene every day, but it is not only about design, it is about your website being special – outstanding. One way to achieve that is a moderated website.

Talking characters can easily enhance your website’s appeal, or in other words, they will “bring your web page to life”. That’s what the company Website Presenter says. This production company utilizes the “seamless combination of moving and still images” to increase visitor traffic, brand interest and of course sales on their customer’s webpage.

The website itself is as simple as the steps you have to take to get such a video. Just select one of the nine presenters, write a script, choose background and visual elements and this company puts it all together so that it is ready to be dropped into your site. If you want to get an insight of what it could look like, you can take a look at a few examples.

What is a little odd is that the actors which you can pick for your website and those on the examples page, are not the same. It is a pity that you do not have the chance to see one of the offered presenters in action.

(source: webpsiteresenter)

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