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12. April, 2007 from Yaoti team

Welcome to the Yaoti-magazine

Ever since Web 2.0 has appeared, the face of the Internet changed completely; unlike in read-only-websites, users now have the opportunity to participate in the Internet. The effects of this development can be seen in the constantly rising numbers of registrations, e.g. on video, or chat platforms.

In the last couple of years, the industry made an attempt to integrate the user in the daily Internet business. Virtual moderation as new tool to make the Net more lively, is used more and more.

So the trend moves from websites which are heavy on the text, towards interactive and animated websites. specialized in the production of keyed online moderation, meaning the recording and editing of clips which can be placed on your website. The interactive hosts explain the contents of your website, or draw the attention to certain products or services. By now many small and medium businesses discovered the advantages of virtual hosts and animation. The hosts welcome the website visitors and guide them through the web presentation.

Here, in the Yaoti magazine, you are informed about the latest developments and provided with a board for information exchange.

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Flash Web Site :: A Virtual Person

Writen in Miscellaneous , 3D , Keyed Film Elements on 11. January 2009

Explore your city on the web

It’s Friday night and you and your friends want to go out, but like so many times before you don’t know what to do and where to go. What you need right now is a website that updates you with the latest clubs, restaurants and events in your city.

That’s what is all about. This website specializes in informing you about your city’s nightlife and the best locations for the right occasions. It’s […]

Walking on Web :: Video Online Salesperson

Writen in Miscellaneous , Keyed Film Elements on 13. December 2008

Insurance company hires online speaker

Choosing the right health insurance gets harder every year, because it is not only about how much money you pay, but it is about what’s best for you.

Active Health Plans offers special benefits and, of course, various categorized plans to make sure you have the best insurance you can get.

On the website you are greeted by a spokeswoman who tells you about the company itself and the plans and ben […]

Web-Presenter :: Video-Presentation

Writen in Miscellaneous , Yaoti Productions , Keyed Film Elements on 26. November 2008

Sending coupons online

Are you sick of not knowing what to give your best friend as a present? Have you once again accomplished not to realize until 10pm that tomorrow is your partner’s birthday?

In cases like these you could contact Bonsmile. The business is specialized in sending coupons from countless companies in various branches.

On the company’s homepage you are first of all welcomed by a nice spokesman, who once again explains to […]

Website Avatar :: Speaking Character

Writen in Miscellaneous , Keyed Film Elements on 18. October 2008

Embedded video for your website

Having a creative and clearly arranged website design is nothing impossible anymore these days. Various new design agencies appear on the scene every day, but it is not only about design, it is about your website being special – outstanding. One way to achieve that is a moderated website.

Talking characters can easily enhance your website’s appeal, or in other words, they will “bring your web page to life� […]

Video Spokespeople :: Online Greeter

Service tuning with web presenter

Old tires? Broken windshield wipers? Not a problem at all. ASD offers the right service for everybody. Be it replacement parts or tuning your beloved vehicle, the range of offers is enormous.

They are presented online by a young woman on the homepage of the “Automobilservice Deutschland”. You are informed about special buying conditions as well as various offers like traveling and all-around service packages.

Furthermore she explains how to quickly find the best service near you without having to read […]

Flash Presentation Online :: Multi Media Content

Writen in 3D , Keyed Film Elements on 20. March 2008

German quality work – award winning design and traditional craftsmanship

The Bergmann Metallbau GbR website truly is an experience – one of the reasons why it was decorated with various awards.

The metal construction company cone up with a really special idea for their website. They created a real life factory tour for their website visitors. Based on the Dynonatic 3D Engine, the extensive Flash presentation is something new. It combine […]

Web Design :: Event Moderation for Rainbow Tours

Robert Rainbow helps to organize your trips

Summer is just around the corner and so is the vacation season. Sunny weather and the beach attract the masses and cause them to travel southwards. If you are looking for the right trip for you, the way leads you to a travel agency, either the one next door or to an online travel platform.

The travel provider Rainbow Tours offers a range of diverse trips and tours to a chiefly young target audience. In order to help the users to find the right vacation, they installed the holiday controller. This device finds the perfect vacation after your specification, if you indicate your favored level of culture and party, and the maximum price […]