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Web Design :: Event Moderation for Rainbow Tours

Robert Rainbow helps to organize your trips

Summer is just around the corner and so is the vacation season. Sunny weather and the beach attract the masses and cause them to travel southwards. If you are looking for the right trip for you, the way leads you to a travel agency, either the one next door or to an online travel platform.

The travel provider Rainbow Tours offers a range of diverse trips and tours to a chiefly young target audience. In order to help the users to find the right vacation, they installed the holiday controller. This device finds the perfect vacation after your specification, if you indicate your favored level of culture and party, and the maximum price you’re willing to pay for your dream holiday. An online host explains the whole system.

His name is ‘Robert Rainbow’ and he welcomes the visitors when he enters the website. Robert’s presentation is produced with the help of greenscreen technology. The video is keyed and edited and afterwards placed online.

The website’s menu bar gives an overview over several travel options, you can choose summer, or winter vacation, arrival by bus or plane, city trip, or one of many other options. If you choose the menu point ‘Sylvester’ – New Year’s Eve, Robert pops up again and informs you about the hottest locations for the perfect New Year’s Eve. It’s a pity that the page in general is too stuffed and unorganized; Robert’s funny clips seem to drown in the crowd.

The idea of an online video appeals to the young audience; lately, an additional video blog has been added to the page . Travelers have the opportunity to submit their personal vacation videos, here. The concept works, but it would not be amiss if Robert, the digital host, could focus a little more on contents and information.

(source: rainbowtours)

Editor’s note: Robert Rainbow no longer welcomes you. Rainbow Tours removed him from the site.

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